Gorkha, starring Akshay Kumar, is currently on hold due to "technical issues," according to Aanand L. Rai.

The war drama Gorkha, based on the life of war hero Major General Ian Cardozo, the first Indian Army officer 

With a war disability to command a battalion and a brigade, was announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar last year.

Producer of Gorkha Aanand L Rai has stated that 'technical and factual' issues have caused the movie to be postponed.

Rai said, "There are so many technical things that we have to take care of before filming," in an interview with indianexpress . com.

The director further clarified that Akshay Kumar would play the lead role in Gorkha if it were to be produced. According to him, Akshay will appear in the movie if we decide to make it.

If not, we'll take other action. His declaration comes amid rumors that Kumar may have quit the movie because the plot contained factual inaccuracies.

The first posters for Gorkha, in which Akshay Kumar is depicted wearing a military uniform, were shared in 2021.

It was previously reported that Akshay had left the project because there were concerns about the veracity of the events portrayed in the movie.

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